We are a College that strives after sound moral and ethical values. These, held in common with people of various faiths, include courtesy, compassion, consistency, courage and commitment to what is right. Our guiding philosophy is Christian.


We preserve an open enrolment policy, admitting pupils who have the potential to benefit from the education offered, and to make a positive contribution to the life of the College. Once the office has received an Application Form, together with a copy of the latest school report, salary slips and the parents' I.D's, our Headmaster's secretary will contact you to set up an appointment for your family to meet with Mr Rademan for an iterview and a tour of our wonderful school.  Pupils applying for Roots Pre-Primary and the Junior School, are usually assessed by a grade-approriate teacher.


We offer a stimulating, balanced programme, which is sensitive to the needs of the individual pupils, and encourages and assists them increasingly to assume responsibility for themselves.


We aim to equip pupils with the social and technological skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to life in an open and dynamic society.


To provide a sound, well-balanced education based on Christian values.