High School

Felixton College has small classes and all classrooms are tastefully decorated and air-conditioned.  We have 2 classes per grade in the High School.  

The IEB syllabus is followed from Grades 8 - 12, culminating in the internationally recognised IEB Matriculation Examinations.  We are proud of our matric pass rate since the inception of the school in 1996.  In 2010, Felixton College earned "Top in KZN" honours and in 2013, our Head Girl, Este Louw,  was placed in the top 15 in all of her subjects.  Her personal average was 97%.  Computer skills are our special strength and each pupil has access to the Internet for research purposes.

Our top academic pupils work towards being invited to join the Carpe Diem Society where they experience activities outside the classroom.  A system of College Positive and College Negative encourages pupils to achieve to the best of their ability and attendance at the prestigious Achievers Dinner is strived for.  Pupils that are under-achieving are placed on a Academic Assistance Programme (AAP) which assists them to get back on target.