High and Junior School

Felixton College offers the following sports:

  • aerobics

  • athletics

  • basketball

  • cricket (boys and girls)

  • cross-country

  • golf (Junior School and High School)

  • high performance

  • hockey
  • netball

  • rugby

  • soccer (boys and girls)

  • squash

  • swimming

  • tennis

Felixton College produces impressive results in mainstream sports. The building of our 40m x 20m FIH approved astroturf has been an absolute hit and there is hardly a moment (even on weekends) when there is no-one playing hockey or soccer on the astroturf.

We also have top achievers in alternative sports such as mountain biking, equestrian, fishing, sailing and golf.  One of our learners recently sailed in the Cape-to-Rio Yacht Race.


Felixton College offers specialised cricket coaching in the form of the Izingwe Cricket Academy.

Roots Pre Primary School

At Roots, the Grade R children who are ready and able to cope with formal sport are coached by dedicated coaches in: athletics, cricket, cross-country, hockey, netball, soccer and rugby.  These sports form part of the school curriculum and therefore no extra cost is incurred.


Playball, Monkeynastix and swimming are also offered as extra-mural activities however there is a charge levied. These are not compulsory for the children.